CfP: “The Armed Conflict on the Dniester: Political and Social Implications for the Republic of Moldova”

Call for Book Chapters: The Armed Conflict on the Dniester: Political and Social Implications for the Republic of Moldova The war on the Dniester, which experienced a phase of military operations between March and August 1992, tragically marked the birth Read More

CfP: “Greece Reborn: Aspects of Modern Greece, 1821-2021”

Call for Papers: Greece Reborn: Aspects of Modern Greece, 1821-2021 In 2021 Greece celebrated 200 years since the outbreak of the Greek Revolution in 1821 that led to the creation of the modern Greek state. The Greek Revolution was a Read More

CfP: The Settlement of Romanian territory with regard to the Banat and Transylvania from the 18th to the 20th century

In the Middle Ages, the Banat and Transylvania were part of the Kingdom of Hungary and, from the middle of the 16th up to the 18th century, fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Turks were defeated Read More

CfP: Wallachian Colonization in the History of East Central Europe (14th-17th centuries)

One of the important phenomena in the human history is population migration. People were in motion for various reasons. Perhaps most often it was an effort to find better living conditions. This reason can also be found behind the so-called Read More

CfP: Roman mines in Southeast Europe during the Principate

Opulent mines in the Balkans were undoubtedly very important for Rome. Control over mineral extraction in the provinces of Dacia, Pannonia Superior, Pannonia Inferior, Moesia Superior, Moesia Inferior, Dalmatia, and Macedonia was crucial for the economic and political survival of Read More

BHA Webinar: Saints in the Slavic Christian world (900-1400)

“Saints in the Slavic Christian world (900-1400)”. Assessing culture, power, religion and language in Slavic hagiographies and religious literature. Online seminar, Tuesday 9th November 2021 from 13:00 to 17:00 (preliminary) The seminar is hosted by Lund University, Ghent University and Read More

CfP: Visions of Constantinople: The City and its Peoples

Constantinople, modern Istanbul stands at the conjunction of Europe and Asia. Founded on the site of Byzantium by Constantine in 330 CE its significance religiously, politically, and culturally in the succeeding centuries from its foundation cannot be over-emphasised. But what Read More