Any individual, residing in Romania or abroad, who agrees formally with the BHA Bylaws and objectives is entitled to become a member, provided that the following criteria are met:

– the prospective member demonstrates an active track of publications or dissemination of materials, academic or otherwise—including, but not limited to academic, professional or popular publications, dissertations, translations, or media content—in the fields of interest of the association, and/or

– the prospective member supports and advertises the activities of the BHA.

In order to apply for the BHA membership, the following documents must be sent to the President via e-mail:

– application form (see below),

– recommendation letter from one of the BHA members,

– curriculum vitae including, if the case, a list of publications,

– and a proof of payment of the membership fee.

The application is assessed by the Executive Board, and, should it be rejected, the membership fee will be reimbursed. Membership subscriptions are due for renewal on before 15 January each year.

Please complete the membership and payment forms.

Application Form (docx)

Membership rates

a) 13 € per year for all academic ranks;
b) 11 € per year for Librarians, Archivists, Conservators and Curators;
c) 9 € per year for teachers and for everyone who is interested in Balkan history;
d) 7 € per year for Bachelor, Master and PhD Students.

Payment methods

Online by PayPal

Note that PayPal allows you to select a currency other than Euro. In that case, please use the currency converter to calculate the fee in the currency of your choice.

Enter the amount that you would like to pay for your membership (min. € 7.00)

Membership rates

Bank Transfer

Due payments for BHA membership may be made either by PayPal or by check to e-mail:

You may download and mail the application form, along with your check to the address provided above. Checks should be made out to “The Balkan History Association.”

New members, please complete the following form, renewing members, please provide any information that has changed.

Bank Transfer Details

Account Holder: Asociaţia de Istorie Balcanică (AIB)
Fiscal Code: 37724312
Account IBAN code: RO53RNCB0066154996360001 (account in RON)
BIC code: RNCB

Please do not forget to submit payment using either one of the two ways provided !