CfP: Cultural, Social, Political, Religious and Economic Relations Between Serbs and Romanians from the Early 18th Century to the Late 20th Century

Throughout the history of Serbian-Romanian relations there were many important personalities who contributed to a rich and significant cooperation in the field of history, culture, arts, religion. Some of those personalities influenced relations between the two countries for decades; however, Read More

CfP: “Towards a New Typology of Paramilitarism: Balkan and Global Perspectives in Retrospect”

The study of paramilitarism has advanced rapidly since Robert Gerwarth’s collaborative research project, to the extent that this branch of studies might almost be considered an independent scholarly discipline. The nation state, regional and comparative analyses, as well as particular Read More

CfP: “Football as a Social Phenomenon in the Balkans”

Undoubtedly, sport, and football in particular, is one of the great phenomena of the 20th century. The fact that FIFA member states outnumber UN ones (211 vs. 193) speaks volumes about its great importance. Therefore, through football, many political and Read More

Hiperboreea a fost acreditată de CNCS!

În urma procesului de evaluare națională a publicațiilor de către Consiliul Național al Cercetării Științifice al Ministerului Educaţiei şi Cercetării, Hiperboreea a primit 78.30 de puncte, fiind inclusă în categoria „B”. Au fost analizate numerele din perioada 2015-2019, iar accentul Read More

Hiperboreea Vol. 7, No. 2 (December, 2020)

We are pleased to inform you that the latest issue Vol. 7, No. 2 (December, 2020) has been released! Studies and Articles Thracians in the Second Macedonian War (200–197 B.C.) (pp. 109-121)Jordan Iliev Spices on the Edges of the Empire. A Pepper Pot Read More

CfP: “Old and New Insights on the History of Intelligence and Diplomacy in the Balkans”

The Balkans always were and continue to be the struggle area of the Great Powers on the diplomatic and intelligence field/level. Thus, they have played a prominent role in European intelligence and diplomatic activities over the past centuries, numerous intelligence Read More

CfP: “Islamic Radicalisation in the Balkans after the Fall of Communism”

The fall of communism has generated a security crisis in the Balkans, which was amplified by the ethnic and religious conflicts that took place during the Yugoslav Wars. Yet recent historiography does not contain enough solid accounts of on the Read More

The 8th International Symposium on Balkan History Studies

The Balkans, due to its strategic position, throughout the history hosted many great civilizations such as the Roman Empire, Alexander Empire, Ottoman Empire. All civilizations created in the Balkans or dominated the Balkans, have left permanent abstract and concrete traces Read More