Throughout the history of Serbian-Romanian relations there were many important personalities who contributed to a rich and significant cooperation in the field of history, culture, arts, religion. Some of those personalities influenced relations between the two countries for decades; however, they remained neglected by scholarly research. Existing academic research on bilateral relations between two countries often neglects individuals who brought about innovative ideas, exchange, and cultural transfers. The aim of the collection of papers is to analyse biographies of personalities in the case study chapters which brought change and contributed to enhance Serbian-Romanian relations.

The Balkan History Association encourage interdisciplinary proposals with the special emphases on: personalities who contributed to the culture and arts among Serbs and Romanians; mutual influences in the religious sphere and interreligious dialogue; diplomatic  and political relations and historical personalities; Serbian-Romania relations within a wider European context.

Submission procedure

The volume will be published by Peter Lang (in the series “South-East European History”). Original manuscripts should be prepared following the editorial guide of Peter Lang available on its website, especially “Style Guidelines – British English” and “Submission Guidelines“. Manuscripts must not have been published, submitted for publication or available on the internet elsewhere. Interdisciplinary work is particularly welcome. Please submit your proposal, including the title of your manuscript, an abstract (up to 300 words), and an author’s biography (up to 100 words) to all editors. The abstract should include the research question and purpose, the approach and main ideas, and results. No figures, tables, footnotes, or endnotes should be included in the abstract. Articles should not exceed 8,000 words in length including footnotes and references (reference list or bibliography).


May 10, 2021: Submission of the proposals to editors
May 15, 2021: Notification of accepted proposals
October 15, 2021: Receipt of final chapters for peer-review
November 30, 2021: Revised chapters re-submitted to editors
January 20, 2022: Approved chapters submitted for publishing


Jovana Kolundžija (Center for Banat Studies, Vršac),
Aleksandra Đurić Milovanović (Institute for Balkan Studies, SASA),
Mircea Măran (College „Mihailo Palov”, Vršac),
Otilia Hedeșan (West University of Timișoara),
Christene d’Anca (University of California, Santa Barbara),

Please circulate this call for papers among your colleagues and other potentially interested scholars.

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