New Cultural and Political Perspectives on Serbian-Romanian Relations“, eds. Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović, Jovana Kolundžija, Mircea Măran, Otilia Hedeșan, Christene D’Anca is the 5th volume in the series “South-East European History” edited by Mihai Dragnea and published by Peter Lang. Initiated by the Balkan History Association, this unique interdisciplinary volume explores the complex history of cultural, diplomatic and religious relations between Serbia and Romania during the late nineteenth and twentieth century. The authors, scholars with a wide range of academic backgrounds, address these themes in the context of Austro-Hungarian imperialism, the interwar period and the Communist era. The essays in Part I examine diplomatic, political and military relations, while those in Part II explore intellectual and artistic links between the two countries, including religion, literature and the visual arts. This is a landmark publication, the first of its kind in English, and will leave readers with a more comprehensive understanding of cultural and political relations in Southeastern Europe.

Table of Contents

The Idea of Nationality among Romanians in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy: The Political Involvement of Vincențiu Babeș, Andrei, and Alexandru Mocsonyi as Representatives of the Banat Region (Miodrag Milin, Victor Neumann)

Romanians and Serbs in the Banat Military Border (Ivana Spasović)

Romanian-Serbian Relations Reflected in Vasile Popeangă’s Works. Historiographical Insight (Felicia Aneta Oarcea)

Boško Čolak-Antić and Yugoslav-Romanian Relations (Srđan Mićić)

Maria of Yugoslavia: Romanian Princess, Yugoslav Queen (Anđelija Miladinović)

The First Yugoslav Ambassador: Jovan Dučić in Romania, 1937–1940 (Dragan Bakić)

Josip Broz Tito, Petru Groza and Yugoslav-Romanian Relations 1945–1947 (Vladimir Lj. Cvetković)

Tito’s and Ceauşescu’s Personal Contribution to the Development of Yugoslav-Romanian Cooperation in the Late 1960s and Early 1970s (Nemanja Mitrović)

The Circulation of Icon Painters between Banat and Transylvania during the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries (Raluca Prelipceanu)

Stefan Tenecki: The Baroque Painter of Serbs and Romanians (Jovana Kolundžija)

Serbian Intellectuals from Arad, Personalities of Central Europe (Maria Alexandra Pantea, Virginia Popović)

Vladimir Dimitrijević and Serbian-Romanian Church Relations in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries (Mircea Măran, Aleksandra Djurić Milovanović)

Romanian-Serbian Literary Relations at the Beginning of the Millennium (Octavia Nedelcu, Gordana-Nicoleta Peici)

In-between Local Identity and National Artistic Heritage. A Case Study: Naive Painting from Uzdin (Diana Mihuț)

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