Football in the Balkans I: Internal Views, External Perceptions” is the 8th volume in the series South-East European History, edited by Mihai Dragnea and published by Peter Lang on behalf of the Balkan History Association (BHA). The volume is devoted to the phenomenon of football in the Balkans and provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the political instrumentalization of football and its social significance in the region. In doing so, it offers readers an in-depth look at Balkan societies and the determinants of their political and social functioning. The topics are geographically wide-ranging, covering Greece, Romania, the former Yugoslavia and the states that emerged from its disintegration: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Across these regions, the contributors cover issues including the legitimacy of power, political manipulation, problems of political transition, corruption, collective identity, nationalism and antagonism between the Balkan nations, and armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. Collectively they offer a number of fresh perspectives in conveying a sense of the complexity and diverse historical experiences of football across the Balkans. The volume which is a project of the Balkan History Association is aimed at a wide academic audience as well as journalists, analysts, and enthusiasts of sport and the Balkans. A second volume focusing on other neighboring areas (“Football in the Balkans II: A Social and Political Phenomenon”) is in preparation.

Table of Contents

Football between History, Politics, Society, and Culture: Introduction (Dariusz Wojtaszyn, Maroš Melichárek)

A Popular Game in Dracula’s Land? A Socio-Historical Overview of Romanian Football (Andrei Antonie)

From Commons to Commodity and Back Again: Football’s Great Transformation in Post-socialist Romania (Răzvan Papasima)

Yugoslav Football from Tito’s Death to the Breakup of Yugoslavia: Situation and Problems in the Climate of Political Conflict (Davor Kovačić)

Football and Politicians: Tito, Tuđman, and Milošević and Their Political Instrumentalization of the Social Phenomenon of Football (Maciej Górski)

Competing for the Nation on the Football Pitch: Ideology and Sports in Mostar (Giordano Merlicco, Danilo Kovač, Luca Alteri)

Greek Football of the 70s and 80s in the Memories of Polish Coaches and Footballers (Artur Pasko)

The Odyssey of Greek Football: Politics, Corruption and the Spirit of Division (Theofilos Pouliopoulos)

Conclusions (Dariusz Wojtaszyn, Maroš Melichárek)

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