The Balkan Wars: Ottoman Perspectives” is another volume in the series South-East European History, edited by Mihai Dragnea and published by Peter Lang on behalf of the Balkan History Association (BHA). The volume was edited by two BHA members, Ercan Karakoç and Ali Serdar Mete. In this volume, specialists from the Balkans trained in various disciplines have come together under the aegis of the Balkan History Association to address little known and little studied aspects of the wars. They analyzed a huge range of political, historical, medical, sociological and religious aspects of the conflict. The volume, with its groundbreaking content and unique bibliographies, will be an important guide for undergraduate and graduate students studying the political, military, social and artistic history of the Balkan Wars and the Balkan nations.

Table of Contents

Part I The War

Diplomacy behind the Curtain: Making the Balkan League (Biljana Stojić)

Making the Balkan League with(out) the European Powers (Biljana Stojić)

Turkish Aviation during the Balkan Wars (Osman Yalçın)

The Occupation of the Aegean Islands by Greece in the First Balkan War According to Turkish Sources (Sabri Can Sannav)

Part II The Struggle

The Hospitalization of the Ottoman Soldiers during the First Balkan War: The Case of the First Relief Expedition to İstanbul by the German Red Cross (Theodoros Giannopoulos and Christos Mantzanas)

The Balkan Wars 1912–13: The Albanian Question (Ethem Çeku)

Part III The Nations

The Population Exchange between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire after the Balkan Wars of 1912–1913 (Cengiz Yolcu)

The Issue of Waqf Institutions in the Kingdom of Serbia: The Example of the Münderise Waqf Register of Ottoman Provenance from the Ex-Sanjak of Skopje (Irena Kolaj Ristanović)

Young Turk Policy and Albanian Uprisings in Ottoman Macedonia: From Revolution to Balkan War(s) (1908–1912) (Denis Ljuljanović)

Albania in the First Balkan War in the Ottoman Turkish Sources (Ilirjana Kaceli-Demirlika)

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