Alexandra Vukovich is Research Fellow at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. She has a PhD in medieval history, University of Cambridge, Jesus College (Thesis: The Ritualisation of Political Power in Early Rus). She is a member of the International Research Unit for the Society for Biblical Literatures (Slavonic Parabiblical Traditions) and the Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH). Alexandra’s academic interests lie in the history of political thought and practice and medieval religion of the Byzantine world through written culture, focusing on Byzantium, the Balkans, and Rus/Muscovy. Her publications cover the Slavonic world and the Byzantine cultural sphere, ranging from the Balkans to northern Europe from the 10th to 16th centuries.

Virginia Popović is Associate Professor of Romanian literature, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Romanian Studies, Novi Sad, Serbia and Professor of Romanian language and Culture in European context at the Faculty of Teacher Education, Belgrade, Serbia. She has a PhD in literature at the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy (Thesis: Poesis and Mathesis in The Ion Barbu’s Poetry). She is a member of the following organizations: Serbian Association of Applied Linguistics, Society of Romanian Language in Vojvodina, “Carmina Balcanica” Cultural Association, Association of Writers of Vojvodina, Society of Novi Sad Writers, Journalists’ Association of Serbia, and the Romanian Society for the History of Mass Media (ARIP).

Ali Serdar Mete graduated from the Political Science and Public Administration Department at Selçuk University. He continued his studies with a Master’s in History of Turkish Revolution at Yeditepe University. He also continued to work in private sector during his higher education. After receiving his MA degree, he expanded his field of study and focused on military history and completed his PhD at Yıldız Technical University in Istanbul, where he is currently teaching Turkish Revolution History as a lecturer. His works are mainly on Ottoman-Turkish Military History, including the modernization of the military organization and education, modern military tactics and modern firearms.

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