We are pleased to inform you that the latest issue of Hiperboreea, Vol. 9, No. 2 (2022) has been released and is available online through the Scholarly Publishing Collective (managed by Duke University Press). Soon it will be available on print. Many thanks to all those that submitted articles and book reviews to ensure the scholarly excellence and diversity of our journal (Anna Adashinskaya, Efstratia Sygkellou; Antonios Athanasopoulos; Christos Tsatsoulis, Ivan Roussev; Pencho Penchev, Radmila Radić, Marius Mureşan, ‪Adinel C. Dincă‬, Martin Homza, Simona Drăgan, Nenad Obradović, Lyudmyla Novikova, Sorin Paliga, Ioana-Ruxandra Fruntelată, Radu Sava, Ştefan Dorondel, Aliye Fatma Mataracı).

Hiperboreea is published by the Penn State University Press on behalf of the Balkan History Association (BHA). All individual members of the association will receive a copy of Hiperboreea (print and electronic). Their latest publications as well as other scientific activity mentioned in the application form will be included into an annual newsletter, which will be distributed among members, partners and collaborators (membership section).

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