On 22-24 November, the Department of Balkan Slavic and Oriental Studies (University of Macedonia), the Faculty of History and Geography (Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava), and the Balkan History Association (BHA) organized in Thessaloniki, Greece an international conference about “Greek-Romanian relations from the decline of the Ottoman Empire to the end of the Cold War era (1821-1989)”. The conference was held in person and broadcasted on Zoom. Our association was represented in person by its Secretary, Cristina Ioniță, who was part of the Academic and Organizing Committee. Accommodation and transport expenses were supported by the organizers. One member of the association, Angeliki Mouzakiti (Ionian University in Corfu), presented via Zoom, and another, Aytaç Yürükçü (University of Eastern Finland), could not participate in any way.

Programme: Wednesday 22 November

9.00-9.30 Registrations

9.30-10.00 Greetings

10.00-11.00 Opening speech

Dimitrios Stamatopoulos, Romioi/Greeks and Romanians and the rise of the Modernity in the Balkans

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.30 Political and diplomatic relations between Greece and Romania in the 19th century

Tudor Dinu, The relationship between Alexander Ypsilantis and Tudor Vladimirescu, its depictions and reflections in both Greek and Romanian historiography and culture, over the last two centuries

Harieta Mareci Sabol – Ștefan Purici, Scattered among “the others”. The Greek presence in Bukovina in the 19th century

Mihai Popescu, A Romanian Prince as Governor of Samos Island – Ion Ghica (1816-1897)

Charikleia Aroni, Greece and Romania: Independence, territory and consent in 19th and

early 20th century international law

Maria Sofi, Commercial activities of Greeks in Romanian countries during the 19th century

Radu Tudorancea, A Sinuous Path. Romanian–Greek economic relations (Late 19th – Early 20th Century)


14.00-15.00 Lunch

15.00-17.00 Intellectual revival and literary production. Identity issues.

Lia Brad Chisacof, Romanian and Greek enlightenments taken together

Rodica Butucel, Writing history and identity in the Phanariot Age: Moldova and Wallachia between New Intellectual Modes and carrying on tradition

Dimitrios Kontogeorgis, The Ottoman Empire in the historical writing of Ienăchiță Văcărescu and Dionysios Photeinos. Loyalty and critical spirit

Andreea Ștefan, Homeland in Diaspora: the publication of the album “The Anagennisis of Greece” at Brăila in 1895

Georgiana Ungureanu, The reception of Greek literature in Romanian territory

Aytac Yurukcu, Imperial War and national identities in the Ottoman Empire’s Borderlands: Finnish and Turkish soldiers’ observations about Romanians and Greeks during the Russo-Turkish War in 1877-1878


17.00-17.15 Coffee break

17.15-19.00 Political and diplomatic relations in the 20th century

Daniel Silviu Niculae, The crisis of the Romanian-Greek bilateral relations in 1905 in the correspondence of diplomat Ioan N. Papiniu

Claudiu-Lucian Topor, Romania’s legation in Athens and the challenges of Greek politics.

Correspondence from the time of the Balkan Wars (1912-1913)

Csaba Katona, How did the foreign policy of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy see Greece and Romania during the Second Balkan War?

Ledia Dushku, The Prince of Albania Wilhem von Wied and Romanian-Greek Diplomatic relations (1913-1914)

Cristina Ioniță, Shapping Alliances: Exploring Political Dimensions in Greek-Romanian Relations- Treaty of Bucharest (1913)

Paul-Ersilian Roșca, Interwar-Period Bridges between Romania and Greece – The Royal Marriage of Prince Charles of Romania to Princess Helen of Greece

Anastasia Tanampasi & Sofia Iliadou-Tachou, The Vlachs of Iron Guard


19.00-19 15 Coffee break

19.15-20.30 Social issues and relations in 20th century

Themis Valasiadis, The Vlach issue and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

Evangelia N. Georgitsoyanni, Greeks in Bucharest (19th-20th century): historical and

artistic testimonies from Bellu cemetery, Bucharest

Nikolaos Tamoutselis, The construction groups-builders of Drosopigi-Belcameni Florinas in Romania

Anna Theodora Valsamou, The negative models of the Foreigner [Greeks and Jews]

in the Romanian nationalist political and cultural agenda (1880-1940)


21.00 Dinner

Programme: Thursday 23 November

09.00-12.00 Visit at the General State Archives – Historical Archive of Macedonia

12.00-13.45 Bilateral political and diplomatic relations during Cold War Era

Șerban Liviu Pavelescu, Balkan cooperation and Romanian-Hellenic bilateral relations in the first two post-war decades. Determinations, functional frameworks and specific developments

Pavlos Vasileiadis, The Stoica proposals (1957 and 1959) through the prism of Greek-Romanian relations

Diamantia Arvaniti, The foreign policy of Alexandros Papagos and its Balkan extension

Gheorghe Onișoru, Ceausescu, Greece and the Greek political emigration

Kyriakos Bakiris, Greek foreign policy toward Romania 1974-1981: Achieving cooperation over tensions


14.00-15.00 Lunch

15.00-16.30 Aspects of the cultural life and exchanges during Cold war era

Angeliki Mouzakiti, Aspects of Romanian cultural diplomacy and Greek-Romanian cultural relations in the Ceauşescu era: The promotion and reception of Romanian culture in Greece (1965-1989)

Paul-Claudiu Cotîrleț, Football as a binder of Romanian-Hellenic relations

Vlasis Vlasidis & Apostolos Patelakis, Romania: The second motherland of the director Yannis Veakis

Florin Marinescu, The Romanian documents of the monasteries of Mount Athos source for Greek-Romanian relations

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

17.00-17.30 Closing remarks – End of the conference

Gheorge Onișoru, Vlasis Vlasidis

17.30 Free time walk at the center of Thessaloniki

Friday 24 November

09.00-11.00 Visit Thessaloniki’s Ano Poli (Upper Town/Old Town)

11.00 Departures

Academic and Organizing Committee

Eleni GAVRA, Professor, University of Macedonia

Nikos MARANTZIDIS, Professor, University of Macedonia

Gheorghe ONIȘORU, Professor, Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava

Dobrinka PARUSHEVA, Assistant Professor, University of Plovdiv

Dimitris STAMATOPOULOS, Professor, University of Macedonia

Ciprian Lucretius SUCIU, Professor, University of Macedonia

Kostas TSIVOS, Assistant Professor, Charles University

Vlasis VLASIDIS, Associate Professor, University of Macedonia

Cristina IONIȚĂ, Balkan History Association


greekromanianconference@uom.edu.gr (Diamantia Arvaniti)

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